Client Case Study - Finding New Leads

Smooch Wedding Rings

The owners of Smooch identified the need in reaching out to customers both old and new via digital marketing.

NuFly have been in charge of the social media platforms of Smooch Wedding Rings since 2015. The client has seen an enormous increase in social media engagement through highly focused sponsored posts and new initiatives such as Facebook live videos and promotions. Currently their Facebook page has over 27k likes and climbing. All interactions (content, comments, messages etc) are administered by us, 


Since January 2017, NuFly have brought in over £160k worth of new sales leads to this client alone. 

A simple search for Smooch Wedding Rings on either Facebook or Twitter will bring up their respective social media platforms.

References from this client can be arranged upon request. 


Improving Reach

Finding new people who might be interested in the product. This screenshot shows the amount of Facebook 'likes' and how many are newly added 

Finding Leads

We have perfected a method of finding new leads by targeting an audience that weren't previously aware of the brand. This type of digital marketing has tapped into a rich vein of new customers for a relatively low CPL

Engaging Positive Feedback

Allowing potential customers to see positive feedback from previous buyers  by responding publicly. 

Engagement Improvement

Increasing Facebook Page Views

In one week on Facebook we increased the page views by 15% by boosting adverts to targeted audiences

Finding The Correct Content To Share

By selecting the correct content to share on Facebook a large audience was reached organically and shared widely. Here over 400,000 people were reached organically in less than 24 hours by one post 

Targeting The Right People

The 'paid reach' (dark orange line) was targeted to people who didn't already 'like' the page; who were looking for wedding rings and lived in the UK

Wedding Ring Giveaway

The Facebook Live "Wedding Ring Giveaway". 

You will hear the lucky winner (at 0m35s) say he was aware of this promotion through a "sponsored post on Facebook" which NuFly created! 

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