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4 Reasons your company needs ORM

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In the old days word of mouth could make a small dent in a company's reputation for better or worse.

These days with Trip Advisor, Facebook, Twitter and all manner of other social media tools millions of people could be aware of what a great service you offer or what a mistake you made within seconds of it happening.

If you aren't monitoring this, you aren't in control of it! You need an online reputation management agency!

1. It’s all about listening

It's vital to know about what is being said about your business online. Far too often companies which carelessly disregard the importance of what people are saying are left with huge crisis management ordeals which could have been avoided. According to statistics from research company Pew, four out of five people state that they have received advice via social media regarding what product or service to purchase.

2. Talk the talk

Besides being able to listen and pick up what your customers are saying about your business, ORM also allows you to understand what people are talking about in context to your business.

3. Identify the influencers

One of the biggest benefits of ORM is that it helps you understand what people are searching for, what they are saying about it, and how this is relevant to your brand. You can also start identifying those key online influencers who seem to steer the crowd either towards or away from your business.Certain people have greater clout (and Klout) than others and surely you want to get these people on your team? Use ORM to pick up on what these people are saying and start engaging with them. Your attendance to them and what they have to say will only inflate their egos and help put your brand on a pedestal within their social communities.

4. Business strategies revealed

ORM also allows you to pick up on where your brand is being spoken about which may open up opportunity for you to start engaging on new platforms. It could be that it's time to change your strategy. You might discover that more and more image driven and video content is being shared about your brand on platforms you are not active on. This may be an opportunity to work branded visual content into your strategy and start engaging within these new visually oriented communities.

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